over 35 years of experience

100,000# Load handler

We are capable of lifting loads up to 100,000#

reefer shore power

We are capable of hooking up to 16 reefer units to shore power for short/long term storage or while genset is being repaired, replaced or reviewed.

storage (all types/sizes)

We have over 40 acres of land to store just about anything.


We have the capabilities of transloading just about anything by hand, lift and/or crane.


We service and repair containers, chassis', reefers, gensets and much more!


We have locations either connected to or across the street from UPRR and CSXRR for shuttles. We service Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and parts of Florida.

Depot to many container lines, chassis pools and chassis leasing companies

MAIN OFFICE/DEPOT: 101 Avondale Garden Road, Avondale, Louisiana 70094

NEW ORLEANS EAST DEPOT: 7800 Almonaster Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana 70126